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Ann has performed many hundreds of Home and Business Feng Shui consultations since 2005. Ann has trained & studied feng shui extensively from 1999 and from 2004 with one of the worlds most skilled Masters of Imperial Yuen Hom Feng Shui, Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, (the only student of Taoist Great Grand Master Chue Yen) with his unique Chue Style Feng Shui.


Ann will help you to increase the positive energy in your home and identify and neutralize blockages. By creating a good flow of energy in the home and finding the client’s personal supportive and suitable places seizing the fully potential of the living space, fulfilling the client’s needs whilst enhancing aspects of the client’s  life.

Ann have consulted homes in Sweden, London, Paris, Dakar, Seoul and Hong Kong, range from small studio apartments to large luxury residential, villas with garden, farm houses and mansions.

Another popular service is property selection service and she have assisted many clients in selecting a new property, both apartments, detached houses and land plots, using feng shui to determine of which is supportive and suitable for the client.

“I’ve got a lot more energy and strength after the consultation. In the past, I was so tired after my job and just wanted to go home and sleep, even on weekends. Now I do different activities such as training and meeting friends!”  Visnja, Operation Area Responsible

“We received very professional and smart solutions that met our wishes and needs when we renovated the house we bought. It meant moving the kitchen, larger bathroom etc. Ann also created a solution that gave us 1 extra bedroom upstairs, all within our budget! She showed very good knowledge and understanding of the building’s construction and materials.” Monica & Anders, Stockholm


Ann has performed hundreds of commercial feng shui consultations for clients including large corporate businesses, in Sweden and abroad. Creating flow and prosperity in existing premises as well as she have assisted in the selection of new locations for expansion or new businesses. Feng shui is also very useful when choosing business partners and recruiting, using BaZi and Face Reading.

Clients includes: supermarkets, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, car repair shops, advertising agencies, telemarketing companies, property agencies, beauty spas, hairdresser salons, health clinics, coffee shops, race horse stables, cosmetics manufacturers, food factories, fast food manufacturers, jewelry stores, pawnshops, second hand shops, import/export companies, exhibition organizers and investment companies.

“After consulting our business premises and office, much more interesting assignments have begun to flow, more of what we really want to work with. In addition, we’re earning more on that type of job.” Pia, Excellent Living


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